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Orange you glad it’s Sunday – Sketchbook Peek 25

Sorry… puns aside!

Today I got started with some still life drawings. I’m sharing a quick doodle pattern and a process sketch with some printmaking experimentation ideas.

Orange sketch - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com Orange sketch - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

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A surface pattern designers sketchbook – Sketchbook Peek 20

It’s week 20 of Sketchbook Sunday, a crazy amount of blog posts! I’ve shared all sorts of creative things on Sketchbook Sundays. You can take a look at the archive here.

This week I’ve actually been working in my sketchbook, creating paintings to work in to digital patterns. Today I filmed and edited my very first sketchbook video! So now you can feel like you’re having a real flick through my sketchbook.

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Art Tins for Old Town Bloom – Sketchbook peek 19

painting on silk – sketchbook peek 17

I missed Sketchbook Sunday last week!

I went to visit some friends in London last weekend (hi guys!) funnily enough, they all said how  much they liked my sketchbook Sunday posts…. And then I go and miss Sketchbook Sunday!

So this week I’ve doodled every day I’ve been looking into digital printers for a new collection I want to create. Today I decided I was going to paint a design on to silk to see how it looked and draped.

The piece is around 45 x 100 cm


What do you think? Would you buy it?


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Expressive Geometric – Sketchbook Peek 15

There’s lots of research a foot in The Hay Jay OH studio so my Drawing has slowed down a lot over the past couple of weeks.

I’m attempting to manage research and creating. Do you have any tips?

On Friday I split my day between idea gathering and business research in the morning and painting in the afternoon, which actually worked pretty well. I  just put on The Lion King Musical soundtrack on repeat  and created.

Hakuna Matata

Expressive Geometric - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

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Drawing Perfect Circles – Sketchbook Peek 12

So my plan to blog everyday in May didn’t go very well!…oops

I’m drawing circles a lot at the moment , apparently drawing perfect circles is a sign of madness.

Heres a couple of pieces that I’ve created this week. A doodle and a mixed media piece for a project I’m working on with Hazlehurst Studios

Circle Doodles - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

Circle Doodles - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

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Painterly Postcards- Sketchbook Peek 11

I’ve had a pretty busy week. I’ve been to the zoo and decided to take on a daily blogging challenge.

So if you’re wondering why I’ve been popping up in your news feeds more often that’s why! I am only slightly regretting it now, but I’m also feeling inspired which is a dubious combination. I know we’re only 4 days into May but I‘ve managed to blog everyday, the real challenge is next week I suppose!

Take a look at my posts so far there’s one about my blog and the challenge, one about my creative process and one about how to be inspired by art.

I’ll leave you with some paintings I’ve done this week for some postcards which I’ll be finishing and sending off pretty sharpish.

painterly postccards- Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com painterly postccards- Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

Have you done anything arty this week? What have you been drawing?! You should show me with #SketchbookSunday on twitter and Instagram.

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Sketchbook Peek 6

I’ve almost finished my floral project, which I’ve aptly titled “Darkly Dreaming Florals” in homage to Dexter (I love a little cultural reference).  I’m  now starting to pull together a geometric project, so I thought I’d share something a bit different, my development sketchbook.

I generally have two sketchbooks running along side each other for each project, one purely for sketching & the other for theme experimentation, ideas and digital development

At the moment the projects called “Slightly-African-textiles-inspired-geometrics“, not too catchy.

Feel free to chime in if you can think of an awesome project name


Sketchbook GIF

I also did an interview with the wonderful Charlotte Rose about my creative process this week go check it out!

What have you been working on this week?  I want to see it! Share with me on FB, Twitter & Intagram with #SketchbookSunday

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Design Heroes: Laura-Kate Draws

It’s Design Hero time!  Click to see the first post on Surface pattern powerhouse Collier Campbell. This month I’m staying local  with Liverpool based whimsical illustrator extraordinaire Laura-Kate Draws.


Jazz Cakes ©Laura-Kate-Draws

One cold December evening after volunteering at The Bluecoat I fumbled through a rack of prints and came across a print I loved. I was skint so I fumbled some more and found another print I loved! Drawn with a familiar hand turns out both prints happened to be created by Laura Kate Draws.

Laura has created a quirky world consisting of  Dalmatians on unicycles and spaced out Owls. I have a total crush on her style, imagination and I’m so inspired to start creating moreerm illustrative illustrations. Laura sells a load of products through Etsy and Folksy, I love her patterned mugs and greeting cards which are totally adorable.

Laura-Kate Draws Products

Super cute products ©Laura-Kate Draws

In my last Design Hero post I created a print in the style of Collier Campbell. I thought that was a fun exercise and a nice addition to the post so here is a little self(ie) portrait and a sneaky fox I’ve created inspired by Laura’s work


Up to no good fox & a selfie portrait

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I’m sure if you’ve been floating about the creative hotspots of the internet lately, you’ll have come across Gelliprinting. Gelliprinting is basically monoprinting using a “plate” made of Gelatine instead of a traditional glass or metal plate. I’m always looking for fun print things I can do at home without a press so I decided to have a bash at it


I picked up some Gelatine really cheaply  at the supermarket and followed this recipe. I’d read that you should add 2 heaped tablespoons for every cup  of water I was slightly short but it still worked. Eessentially, I had a tray of water with no clue what to do next! After a  quick google I put it in the fridge for around an hour.

It’s so exciting seeing it become solid (oooh science), I watched this video and attempted to get my plate out of the tray. Let me tell you, watching a tutorial does not a master make! This part is so difficult for a newbie, this is what my plate looked like after I’d hacked it out of the tray. Terrible! Perhaps I didn’t leave it long enough to harden?

I managed to salvage some small pieces and had a play around with different techniques, I drew on the plate, masked bits off and coated the plate. Again Linda Germain’s blog is a massive resource full of tutorials and other goodies.



I did a load of textural prints and a few leaf drawings. I’ll probably have another go at Gelliprinting it’d be awesome to actually work on a full-sized plate.


Have you tried Gelliprinting? Let me know in the comments

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Print & Pattern Guide: Artwork

I’ve put together a print & pattern walk-through mini -series so you can see how I start making a pattern, I’ll show you how I put things into repeat in the next part! If you love this print you can get it on phone cases, cushions, mugs, tote bags and other stuff through my Society6 shop


From A to B

Inspiration & concept

I was inspired by a butterfly print I ‘d done as part of my Keka range, which has also been my home screen wallpaper for ages. I really like the concept of using butterfly wings and wanted to play around with it some more.

Originally the design had been sparked from randomly deciding to buy and photograph a bunch of butterfly wings and then putting them into a simple repeat. I wanted to develop the photo collage element from these prints and add a bit more sass, texture and photo manipulation.


First experiment with butterfly wings and one of my Keka phone cases

Getting Started

I started with my favourite mono print from last month’s print workshop. Did you miss that post? Get the lowdown here. I got a load of butterfly wings and started moving them about the page to form some ideas.


Doing it the traditional way first

Scanning made the wings look really weird and grainy so I took some hi-res macro photographs of the collection and started digitally placing and collaging them around my Photoshop canvas on top of the monoprint, which I’d scanned. The next thing I do when I’m creating a pattern is mess about with effects, scales and all sorts of other things I usually ended up with five to ten slightly different images to choose from. It probably took me about 3/4hours to get to my final image, a lot longer than this blog post makes it sound!


A few developmental patterns

Sometimes I want to be able to whack out an artwork in an hour, but I’m experimental and I often create ten or so different versions before I even put an artwork into repeat.

Maybe I will do a screencast creating a repeat to show you guys my process? Would that be something you’d be interested in? Let me know in the comments.

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It’s really good to get out of digital and be messy – Mono Printing workshop

I am a surface designer. I create hand drawn sketches and textures put them into Photoshop  and digitally manipulate them. Somewhere along the line I fell in love with Photoshop and Illustrator

This is my way of working and it works, but at Art School I was much more experimental with image making.  I’d paint with cardboard, manipulate paper and draw straight on to fabric just for the hell of it.

Take a look at my tumblr where I’ve been uploading  my work and process shots since 2010 

hayley-holden- wallpaper painting process- hayjayoh/com Playful painting at Winchester School of Art

Now I’ve graduated I miss having the insane facilities that I had at uni. I feel a lot less experimental and a bit too digital these days. Too be less reliant on the same old mediums and techniques I’ve been going to a monthly print class where we explore different print making processes. The first session was Lino Printing and this months was Mono Printing, You can see my experiments from the Lino workshop here.


The classes run at my local artists studio space Hazlehurst Craft Studio. I became an associate member in December so I get to go and play around in the communal studio space whenever I like. Check them out if you’re local to the North West, they run loads of fun workshops.

hayley-holden-butterfly-mono-print-workshop-hayjayoh.comSome of my prints from the Mono Printing lesson.

I forgot to take pictures of the process, bad blogger!  But basically  Mono Printing is experimenting with a load of paint on a “plate”(a flat surface, perspex/metal)  and then running it through a printing press with some paper on top. You can do all sorts of things and there’s always moments where your mind is a bit boggled about what will work and how to create what you’re trying to create.

The two print days that I’ve been at where filled with people with  print experience so the style of the workshops has reflected that which has been great. The workshops are taught by Cathy Rounthwaite who encourages as much experimentation as much as possible.

 hayley-holden- mono print workshop - hayjayoh.comFave Mono Prints for development

I find my best  and most interesting work  always happens when  I mix up hand rendered and digital stuff. In coming weeks I’ll be showing you how I use these hand done pieces to create  tile-able digital prints and repeats for Fashion, Homewares and Interiors.

The motto of the story is  that it’s really good to get out of digital and be messy! What are your thoughts?  Do you feel experimental? Do you feel restricted if you just stick to one medium?


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lino printing workshop bonanza.

This weekend I did a thing.
I engaged with textiles and the creative community in my small hometown.
Creative communities exist everywhere, who knew!

My degree and training is officially textiles but I am most comfortable using digital mediums I think this is because it is so easy to hit CMD+Z. I wish that existed in real life, le sigh. Also it is just so darn inconvenient and expensive to get fabric digitally printed to manipulate and work with, double whammy! So I label myself as a “digital print and surface designer” and I’m starting to dabble with research and “art”. see my writings on Practice based research.

Anyway I want to experiment with traditional printing methods more. I do actually find it really fun when I am focused and I love learning new art skills. So I attended a lino print workshop at Hazlehurst Studios on Saturday and boy was it fun! I found myself in complete silence carving away at my little piece of blue soft lino. We never actually had a taught lino workshop at uni but I had dabbled in it rather unsuccessfully a couple of times so it was useful to have a guiding hand.

The studio was really pretty and decked out for a Halloween studio opening; they even have a rentable printing press and boast the only highstreet wet plate photography studio in the UK, impressive.

I’ll probably go to some more print workshops, they are running a monthly series. I had a really fun day and it was good to do something messy and hands on rather than drawing on screen. But I will most probably state true to my vices and manipulate the pieces I created in Photoshop.

Lino prints on cartridge paper and fabric, October 2013


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