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painting on silk – sketchbook peek 17

I missed Sketchbook Sunday last week!

I went to visit some friends in London last weekend (hi guys!) funnily enough, they all said how  much they liked my sketchbook Sunday posts…. And then I go and miss Sketchbook Sunday!

So this week I’ve doodled every day I’ve been looking into digital printers for a new collection I want to create. Today I decided I was going to paint a design on to silk to see how it looked and draped.

The piece is around 45 x 100 cm


What do you think? Would you buy it?


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Drawing Perfect Circles – Sketchbook Peek 12

So my plan to blog everyday in May didn’t go very well!…oops

I’m drawing circles a lot at the moment , apparently drawing perfect circles is a sign of madness.

Heres a couple of pieces that I’ve created this week. A doodle and a mixed media piece for a project I’m working on with Hazlehurst Studios

Circle Doodles - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

Circle Doodles - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

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Blog Every Day in May #BEDM

Today I’m starting a new challenge.

This has been a slightly rash decision, but I like challenges.

Along with around 100 others I’m going to attempt to blog every day in May as part of Elizabeth Sellers #BEDM challenge.
Don’t worry, you’ve still got a couple of hours to bash out a post and sign up over at Rosalilium! Even if you don’t want to sign up check out some of the great blog post ideas.  I’m probably going to deviate from the topics quite a lot but hopefully I’ll make it to the end of the month! It’s all in the planning, right?

Today’s prompt is to introduce your blog to the blogging community.

This blog  started out in  a narcissistic manner really! I wanted to share my patterns on a deeper level vom  with more context and to feel ok about exploring ideas around my work and surface design.

I got (slightly) more serious about blogging in December 2013 and since then I’ve been blogging weekly.

This narcissistic pursuit has turned into an inspiring place. Some of my “real life” friends have told me they are inspired to draw because of my weekly #SketchbookSunday posts, which is amazing to hear!

Hayley Holden Floral Sketches

Click the image to take a look at my in my Sketchbook

My blog is still young-ish and I’m developing new ideas for posts, this challenge should push my brain a bit. For the next 30 days I plan on sharing all kinds of interesting, insightful things, but I’ll need your help along the way.

What would you like to know? Any burning questions about Hayjayoh, Surface design, Creativity, The web, Tech? Leave a comment or ping me an email



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Chat With Carolyn Gavin Eco-Friendly Surface Designer

Recently I’ve been inspired by other surface designers and their businesses. I came across Carolyn Gavin’s patterns and her family business in the last issue of Uppercase Magazine (you can read more about the issue here if you like)

Carolyn designs patterns for her brand of eco-friendly stationery and paper goods, Ecojot.

The brand has an obvious deep philanthropy. Ecojot use 100% recycled materials and their products support the GIVE programme for children in need. Values like this aren’t celebrated enough with the independent design community, take a look at their dedicated philanthropic effort.

Carolyn’s designs give these feel good products a quirky, unique edge and I wanted to know more about how she works.

Where and what did you study at university?

I studied 3 years of graphic design at Witwatersrand Technikon which is in Johannesburg (Gauteng) South Africa

Carolyn Gavin - Alphabet soup

© Carolyn Gavin

What inspires you?

I love animals and nature and this inspires a lot of my work – birds, butterflies, flowers etc. I also get excited by color and cool combinations that make the work sing!

Carolyn Gavin - Lovebirds

© Carolyn Gavin

What’s your surface design recipe for success?

Work long and hard and practice to hone your technique and in the process develop your own style. Think about what you’re doing, and little nuances will make it special and stand out. Try to be original and true to yourself.

What’s next for Ecojot?

We’re designing a super cool app that works with our stationery product. I think designers, students, artists and architects with love it.
We come out with new designs fairly regularly so we’ll be introducing some of those at our next show, which is The National Stationery Show in New York in May.

Carolyn Gavin  - Dream Big

© Carolyn Gavin

Where can I buy your art or products?

Barnes and Noble in the US, Indigo in Canada, Paperchase in the UK, Sweden, Finland, France etc. Check out our website for more retailers and online – http://www.ecojot.com

Do you have a blog, can I read more about you?

I do have a blog – www.designerjots.squarespace.com
I’m also on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Carolyn Gavin

© Carolyn Gavin



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Sketchbook Peek

Quick post today, I thought I’d give you guys some more behind the scenes imagery. I’ve had a busy week,  I started a new job and went on a belated birthday trip to London to see Pixar in concert, which was amazing might I add!

Here are some drawings from this week, there’s a few nudey drawings in the mix because my friend Amy and I decided to go to a life drawing session on Wednesday

I’ve thought about this post all week and I think the pressure of wanting to write this post has spurred me to  actually drawn more which is obviously great so perhaps this will become a regular feature?

Do blog ideas & posts make you more productive? What do you guys think?


Bleach & Ink experiments


life drawing sketches


Quick sketches


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