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An Ancient Man In An Ancient Pot – Sketchbook Peek 21

Okay guys, I don’t have much to show this week as I’ve been working on something which may or may not come to fruition, cryptic right!? I did however make this little .GIF out of some of my drawings that I thought you’d enjoy. I love GIFs.

These drawings are observational drawings from the Chinese collection at The Lady Lever Gallery, Port Sunlight.

Hayley Holden- Chinese GIF

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Sketchbook Peek 6

I’ve almost finished my floral project, which I’ve aptly titled “Darkly Dreaming Florals” in homage to Dexter (I love a little cultural reference).  I’m  now starting to pull together a geometric project, so I thought I’d share something a bit different, my development sketchbook.

I generally have two sketchbooks running along side each other for each project, one purely for sketching & the other for theme experimentation, ideas and digital development

At the moment the projects called “Slightly-African-textiles-inspired-geometrics“, not too catchy.

Feel free to chime in if you can think of an awesome project name


Sketchbook GIF

I also did an interview with the wonderful Charlotte Rose about my creative process this week go check it out!

What have you been working on this week?  I want to see it! Share with me on FB, Twitter & Intagram with #SketchbookSunday

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On “just doing it” & creating a sidebar widget for Society6

This week I’ve flitted around the internet, looking at amazing surface design blogs and thinking about my own surface design brand “HayJayOh”

Whilst being inspired (and slightly depressed) at the empires that other designers have created I realised that I’m not really putting my current work out there.

So I decided on Sunday in much haste, to grab the Bull by the horns and just upload a design to Society6. I know it’s not gunna make me a millionaire but it’s a step in the right direction and it’s fun to have your prints visualised for you.

Not really thinking about it I uploaded a tribal print from my archive and I figured it could be a test run and you know I would upload some other “better” designs when I got round to creating them. But a few people started “promoting” (liking) the design It hit me that this was exactly the kind of attitude that I should be avoiding and most of all why aren’t I taking advantage of the archive of prints which I’ve created over the last 4 years? Even selling one product is better than none at all

Whats the worst that could happen right?! this harks back to a time almost a year ago when I started really thinking and writing about just doing things instead of over-thinking them. you can read this post here


After sharing the link and pinning my new products I found the code for a widget, yippee another widget!

Alas it did not work for JavaScript is a forbidden language here on free WordPress. After searching high and low on the internet I haven’t found a solution or a single HTML widget. I kind of wanted something that was like the Instagram widget so if anyone knows of any give me a comment?!

In the mean time I’ve come up with a fun little .gif  of  products and a tasty little “shop hayjayoh” image.  Oh I also made one for my Keka range!

let me know what you think, check them out and maybe buy my stuff :)

shop-hayjayoh-keka-hayley-holden shop-hayjayoh-society6-hayley-holden

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The best way to see an exhibition.

felix at the bluecoat

Sunday was my first day volunteering at The Bluecoat in Liverpool spending 20 minutes in each gallery space, lets you fully absorb the exhibition and create a personal connection with the pieces. I did however spend my first hour inflating a 30ft Felix the cat and speaking with a photographer (probably really established and terribly intimidating) in the most intimate satanic space I’ve ever been in.

The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things – an exhibition curated by Mark Leckey runs till April so I imagine I will form various opinions on the collection as my brain occupies itself and makes patterns, here is a collection of my first impressions no doubt I will write some more in the upcoming weeks.

Felix the cat (2013) is almighty in stature and formidable, People wandered in unexpectedly their reactions ranged from laughter to bewilderment.

an elderly lady with a Zimmer frame, who probably had the most contextual reference and memories for Felix, burst into hysterical laughter and a toddler who was just in complete awe of Felix. Spending 40 minutes with Felix I also decided it’d be an awesome locale for a somewhat trippy Harlem Shake video (if anyone has seen one that is actually funny, send me a link)

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My thoughts on an Impending design interview and why design students /graduates/me should grow some balls.

The rest of my life depends on this interview and I need to get it and be successful and then I’ll be amazing and everyone will love me and I’ll be cool and that loveable rogue prince Harry will fall in love with me

This is an internship I’m not going to get paid in fact it will cost me a hell of a lot of money to work for this bug company. Sure it will look awesome on my CV, but so will writing a blog (kind of) or getting freelance gigs (even if they are from Gumtree) or volunteering with a local charity.

Creative opportunities are not just down in the big smoke! I say lets base more creative ventures outside of London. Wherever you are just start doing stuff. This is easier said than done and I should take my own advice and create my own awesomeness.

Rant over. Long live the north

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“Totally Rubbish” is Totally amazing

“Totally Rubbish” is shown on CBBC and aimed at 6-12 year olds, I don’t know when it’s aired but who cares that’s what iplayer was invented for!

Totally Rubbish presenters

The premise is similar to other children’s art shows, taking old household products and creating arts and crafts. However this show has an emphasis on communicating the importance of recycling to the audience, achieved through the use of planetary facts in the show and with specific language used in the script.

Production on the show is well thought and doesn’t rely on the stiff format of its predecessors, carving the way for more interactive arts programming. The days of the brightly light studio are over, instead presenters take to the streets, schools and children’s homes without the hint of a patronising tone. Children assist the presenters to present projects themselves, the unscripted nature of children and presenters working together of course makes for charming viewing.

In my opinion The Involvement of contemporary artists on children’s arts shows is what has been missing from programming. Including contemporary artists on a mainstream platform like CBBC will help breakdown some of the perceived notions and barriers that art has acquired, this is a major development for the accessibility of art.

Totally Rubbish also features animated Segments of art history. The animations don’t feel juvenile or like an afterthought as seen in some children’s programming. The production values are of such high quality the animations could even warrant their own show.

This show is making waves for arts involvement and education its approach and format is fresh and youthful and the content is superb. The show is filled with inventive fun projects, likeable presenters, high quality production and sophisticated camerawork.
Totally Rubbish is totally awesome.

Hats off to everyone involved this 22 year old will be tuning in again!

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