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foxes, lions, owls and frogs – Sketchbook Peek 22

It’s been quiet over here on the blog, I’ve been finishing up on a couple of projects and secretly moving into my new studio space!

The Old town Bloom community project I’ve been working on  came to an end on Tuesday with a grand reopening of a garden space on our local high street. Take a look at some images here if you’re interested.

Chilling out under a gazebo at the garden opening one of my fellow Hazlehurst artists, Carys, taught me to knit so I could take part in her Knit a Year community project. At one point  Carys nipped off, leaving me unattended with a pair of knitting needles and a load of wool!

Presumably after seeing my puzzled face two random ladies at the event wandered over  and  began to give me pointers and advice. I’m pretty hooked on knitting for this project and I have knitted for the past 4 days as part of the Knit a Year project. I’m even planning a Harry Potter Scarf!

After all that knitting excitement the rest of the week has been dedicated to finishing off  props for Just So Festival, which is next weekend!  Here are a few shots and quick planning sketches.

Frog  - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

Go Frogs! slightly angry frogs..


Wild Rumpus Flag  - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

Just So school spirit flag.

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An Arts Participation Volunteer’s Diary

I volunteer at one of the most historic galleries in Liverpool, The Bluecoat. It is an early 18th century building that has a long history of housing artists and enabling creativity. I volunteer with the participation team, mainly with The Blue Room Project a service that helps adults with learning disabilities respond to current exhibitions & events at The Bluecoat. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed me putting a lot of Bluecoat related stuff out there into the internet recently and quite possibly looking like I never leave the place. But that’s not just because it’s a great organisation which you should totally visit, there’s been loads of things going on. I thought I would give you a bit of context and maybe encourage you to get involved and volunteer with a local charity

Thursday 30th: Blue Room Thursday is my day with the Blue Room group, we were making props for a Stig of the Dump Read-a-thon event being held at The Bluecoat. I lead Team Camp Fire! I got our small team into the garden and we collected branches for our faux fire hayjayoh-team-camp-fire

Friday 31st: Art Valley Celebration On Friday I helped with finishing touches of The Art Valley exhibition which involved running about, moving stuff and taping wires down. I also got to run a craft table were we created sand paintings of flowers and leaves inspired by the current exhibition, Soft Estates. We had a lot of keen children who wanted to play with the sand, I’ve no idea how this happened but I’m still finding sand in my hair and bed?! Hayjayoh- Art Valley Celebration

Saturday 1st: Stig of the Dump Read-a-thon Being an all round good egg I offered to help set up the props for The Stig of The Dump Read-a-thon. My friend Anna had organized the event so I stayed to help manage  the readers and to persuade people to read. I was in my element, the set looked awesome, we were busy and I was mega sad when we  had to take the set down but we got to leave some home-made cabbage printed bunting and milk jug flower planters up in The Hub! hayjayoh-stig-of-the-dump-readathon

Monday 3rd: The Blue Room Exhibition Install I spent the day running about, framing works and making things straight. It took me back to hanging my final major project at uni, Good times. hayjayoh-blue-room-exhibiton-install

Thursday 6th: Blue Room & Exhibition Launch I had a lovely day with The Blue Room supporting members to create animal sculptures for an animation we’ll be making soon. I worked one-on-one with two of the members at various part of the day to create a textile art movable robin and a wire & newspaper chicken that kept falling over. It was also the launch of the groups exhibition, the group had invited their parents, support workers and friends to come along to see their work. We headed over to The Bistro for cake & tea and to peruse the exhibition which everyone loved. hayjayoh-blue-room-exhibition

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