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Colour Inspiration – Sketchbook peek 18

This week I‘ve been focusing on colour for a new scarf collection. Take a look at my inspiration and a few watercolour experiments

Colour inspiration - Hayley_Holden_sketchbook Colour inspiration - Hayley_Holden_sketchbook


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How To Be Inspired By Other Artists

I’m sharing some of my favourite well-known artists, I come back to these artists for inspiration all the time and study how they artists manipulate shapes, texture and colour. All though it doesn’t sound it, it’s a very inspiring process. Sometimes I even attempt to create work in the same style like an old school apprentice would.

Gustav Klimt

Probably the most well-known on my list. Klimt is the first artist I remember being aware of as a child and I always seem to come back to his work. He used shapes and pattern brilliantly, combining them in interesting ways which is also IMHO the pinnacle of good surface design.

Raoul Duffy

My natural illustration style is similar Duffy’s. I like using rough shapes and overlaying line work create detail and interest within the illustration.

Günther Förg

A new addition to my influencers I’ve recently been creating more art  inspired by Förg. I’m playing around with colour combinations, texture and white space. Förg’s composition is spot on and has a lot of balance

Bruce Gray

Gray’s work is a kaleidoscope of colour and shapes. I’m inspired by his bold colour combinations. Colour palettes are something I’m always working on.

Want To Be Inspired? Heres How!

  • Find your fave pieces of art either on the internet, in galleries, books, postcards.
  • To find more artists similar to your style google something like “Famous artists that use _____ in their work” or “Art movements with ________”
  • Really look at the pieces you’ve chosen, zoom in on the details. Make notes, sketches, copy their work (but obviously don’t claim it as your own)
  • What did you notice? Apply this to your own work.
  • Use this process periodically


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