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foxes, lions, owls and frogs – Sketchbook Peek 22

It’s been quiet over here on the blog, I’ve been finishing up on a couple of projects and secretly moving into my new studio space!

The Old town Bloom community project I’ve been working on  came to an end on Tuesday with a grand reopening of a garden space on our local high street. Take a look at some images here if you’re interested.

Chilling out under a gazebo at the garden opening one of my fellow Hazlehurst artists, Carys, taught me to knit so I could take part in her Knit a Year community project. At one point  Carys nipped off, leaving me unattended with a pair of knitting needles and a load of wool!

Presumably after seeing my puzzled face two random ladies at the event wandered over  and  began to give me pointers and advice. I’m pretty hooked on knitting for this project and I have knitted for the past 4 days as part of the Knit a Year project. I’m even planning a Harry Potter Scarf!

After all that knitting excitement the rest of the week has been dedicated to finishing off  props for Just So Festival, which is next weekend!  Here are a few shots and quick planning sketches.

Frog  - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

Go Frogs! slightly angry frogs..


Wild Rumpus Flag  - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

Just So school spirit flag.

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An Ancient Man In An Ancient Pot – Sketchbook Peek 21

Okay guys, I don’t have much to show this week as I’ve been working on something which may or may not come to fruition, cryptic right!? I did however make this little .GIF out of some of my drawings that I thought you’d enjoy. I love GIFs.

These drawings are observational drawings from the Chinese collection at The Lady Lever Gallery, Port Sunlight.

Hayley Holden- Chinese GIF

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Train Doodles – Sketchbook Peek 16

I’m back with a few little commuting sketches from the week. I’ve been pretty lax on the drawing recently so I’ve  decided to attempt to draw everyday for a while. I don’t want to give myself an end date I’m just gunna go with the flow, you know.




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Expressive Geometric – Sketchbook Peek 15

There’s lots of research a foot in The Hay Jay OH studio so my Drawing has slowed down a lot over the past couple of weeks.

I’m attempting to manage research and creating. Do you have any tips?

On Friday I split my day between idea gathering and business research in the morning and painting in the afternoon, which actually worked pretty well. I  just put on The Lion King Musical soundtrack on repeat  and created.

Hakuna Matata

Expressive Geometric - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

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Painterly Postcards- Sketchbook Peek 11

I’ve had a pretty busy week. I’ve been to the zoo and decided to take on a daily blogging challenge.

So if you’re wondering why I’ve been popping up in your news feeds more often that’s why! I am only slightly regretting it now, but I’m also feeling inspired which is a dubious combination. I know we’re only 4 days into May but I‘ve managed to blog everyday, the real challenge is next week I suppose!

Take a look at my posts so far there’s one about my blog and the challenge, one about my creative process and one about how to be inspired by art.

I’ll leave you with some paintings I’ve done this week for some postcards which I’ll be finishing and sending off pretty sharpish.

painterly postccards- Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com painterly postccards- Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at www.hayjayoh.wordpress.com

Have you done anything arty this week? What have you been drawing?! You should show me with #SketchbookSunday on twitter and Instagram.

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Blog Every Day in May #BEDM

Today I’m starting a new challenge.

This has been a slightly rash decision, but I like challenges.

Along with around 100 others I’m going to attempt to blog every day in May as part of Elizabeth Sellers #BEDM challenge.
Don’t worry, you’ve still got a couple of hours to bash out a post and sign up over at Rosalilium! Even if you don’t want to sign up check out some of the great blog post ideas.  I’m probably going to deviate from the topics quite a lot but hopefully I’ll make it to the end of the month! It’s all in the planning, right?

Today’s prompt is to introduce your blog to the blogging community.

This blog  started out in  a narcissistic manner really! I wanted to share my patterns on a deeper level vom  with more context and to feel ok about exploring ideas around my work and surface design.

I got (slightly) more serious about blogging in December 2013 and since then I’ve been blogging weekly.

This narcissistic pursuit has turned into an inspiring place. Some of my “real life” friends have told me they are inspired to draw because of my weekly #SketchbookSunday posts, which is amazing to hear!

Hayley Holden Floral Sketches

Click the image to take a look at my in my Sketchbook

My blog is still young-ish and I’m developing new ideas for posts, this challenge should push my brain a bit. For the next 30 days I plan on sharing all kinds of interesting, insightful things, but I’ll need your help along the way.

What would you like to know? Any burning questions about Hayjayoh, Surface design, Creativity, The web, Tech? Leave a comment or ping me an email



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Sketchbook Peek 6

I’ve almost finished my floral project, which I’ve aptly titled “Darkly Dreaming Florals” in homage to Dexter (I love a little cultural reference).  I’m  now starting to pull together a geometric project, so I thought I’d share something a bit different, my development sketchbook.

I generally have two sketchbooks running along side each other for each project, one purely for sketching & the other for theme experimentation, ideas and digital development

At the moment the projects called “Slightly-African-textiles-inspired-geometrics“, not too catchy.

Feel free to chime in if you can think of an awesome project name


Sketchbook GIF

I also did an interview with the wonderful Charlotte Rose about my creative process this week go check it out!

What have you been working on this week?  I want to see it! Share with me on FB, Twitter & Intagram with #SketchbookSunday

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Sketchbook Peek 5

Good morning, Happy Sunday!

I’ve had a bit of a flat week and haven’t gotten too much drawing done so I’ve added a couple of images from sketchbooks that are half filled and floating about my bedroom. It’s really fun to look back at your old sketchbooks to inspire yourself and see how much your style has changed.  My drawing style has changed this year, but it still feels like me (cheeese).


I bought a water brush this week, I don’t know how I’ve never used one before, they are just amazing.


My pops picked some daffodils & I couldn’t resist adding a little springtime to my sketchbook


You may not realise this, but I really hated drawing flowers 6 months ago. Heres some floral drawings I did around November 2012


I’ve been inspired by geometrics recently, here’s a lino print I made back in January at a print workshop (read about the workshop here if you missed it). I’m thinking of creating a digital version.


I’ve completely  forgotten I  made this. It’s the early stages of a layout of a pattern I was creating. I love photocopying.

Sundays happens once a week, so does #SketcbookSunday.

I’d love to see your sketchbooks get involved on Twitter or Instagram with #SketchbookSunday remember to tweet them at me at @HayJayOh or @HeroHales

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Surface Patttern Design Guide Feature

Exciting news! A magazine feature!

I’m really excited to share this news with you all!  I’m featured in Uppercase Magazine’s Surface Design Guide along with 99 other awesome pattern enthusiasts in Issue #21 out in April!

Uppercase is a creative, independent Magazine stocked all over the world, you can even pick up a copy from The Tate.

The ultimate cherry on the top though, is that this guide is only going to be distributed at Surtex! The Surtex show in NYC OMG! This is a  huge step in the right direction for me and Hay Jay Oh for awareness of my designs and opportunities


One of my prints had a quick début in  the preview video for the guide, which is a fun little video with Uppercase’s top tips on “How to stand out in Surface Design.” My purple textured print is on your screen at 4:32 in the “Don’t be afraid” section

Of course a massive Thank you to Janine Vangool for including me in the feature. I love how Upppercase engage with the creative community and that the magazine is mostly made possible by its readers.

So Lovely readers, I have a special discount code for you which is good for $15 off the subscription price. Just use ‘USPDG2014’ at the checkout.

Subscribe to Uppercase

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On “just doing it” & creating a sidebar widget for Society6

This week I’ve flitted around the internet, looking at amazing surface design blogs and thinking about my own surface design brand “HayJayOh”

Whilst being inspired (and slightly depressed) at the empires that other designers have created I realised that I’m not really putting my current work out there.

So I decided on Sunday in much haste, to grab the Bull by the horns and just upload a design to Society6. I know it’s not gunna make me a millionaire but it’s a step in the right direction and it’s fun to have your prints visualised for you.

Not really thinking about it I uploaded a tribal print from my archive and I figured it could be a test run and you know I would upload some other “better” designs when I got round to creating them. But a few people started “promoting” (liking) the design It hit me that this was exactly the kind of attitude that I should be avoiding and most of all why aren’t I taking advantage of the archive of prints which I’ve created over the last 4 years? Even selling one product is better than none at all

Whats the worst that could happen right?! this harks back to a time almost a year ago when I started really thinking and writing about just doing things instead of over-thinking them. you can read this post here


After sharing the link and pinning my new products I found the code for a widget, yippee another widget!

Alas it did not work for JavaScript is a forbidden language here on free WordPress. After searching high and low on the internet I haven’t found a solution or a single HTML widget. I kind of wanted something that was like the Instagram widget so if anyone knows of any give me a comment?!

In the mean time I’ve come up with a fun little .gif  of  products and a tasty little “shop hayjayoh” image.  Oh I also made one for my Keka range!

let me know what you think, check them out and maybe buy my stuff :)

shop-hayjayoh-keka-hayley-holden shop-hayjayoh-society6-hayley-holden

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tumbr to tumblr importing to create a master tumblr blog

I’m writing this post because it took me forever to get this right and hopefully someone will stumble across it. What I wanted to do was create a blog with all my various web activity posts from 5 different blogs.

  • design work in progress blog
  • inspiration/ obsessions blog
  • 365sketch blog
  • pattern a day blog
  • this wordpress blog

The oldest of the blogs is 4 years old and in total I have around 340 posts reblogging each post would be ridiculous, they wouldn’t be chronological and I’d have to retag each post.

first I made a WordPress.com blog with the Hatch template, importing from Tumblr was really easy just a case of pressing a button in the tools menu and selecting the blogs. PERFECT. I set up an IFTTT recipe to sync new posts I created, alas the Hatch theme relies heavily on featured images and apparently you have to do this manually so I got these stupid grey squares.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 15.19.47

First attempt

I did  a lot of Googling and eventually found a Blogger to Tumblr website, the interface is really simple and easy to understand. So now all I had to do was sync all my Tumblr posts to WordPress, export the blog, convert the export to Blogger,  Set up a Blogspot blog and use this handy tool.

It worked perfectly, posts are in date order and tags are also added there was a limit on posts per day so I had to upload over a couple of days  it also uploads everything as text posts. Now complete with my archive I set up IFTTT recipe to grab all new posts from each blogs RSS and upload to the master blog.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 13.17.24

IFTT recipes

TL;DR : Tumblr to WordPress > export > convert to Blogspot> upload to Blogspot > use Blogger2Tumblr. Walah 

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hello world

In light of my new appreciation of “JUST DOING” stuff I’ve set up a blank WordPress in all its un-customised glory and I’m biting the bullet, posting it and tweeting a link to all my adoring twitter fans to this post (standing at 50) HA!

To have a conscious online presence or not? It is not like I haven’t kept a blog before, you could say I had commitment issues to them. I am not the noble Ned Stark of Winterfell, I mean to say I have left a trail of bastards* to decay upon the internet longing for content.

I can’t tell you what this blog will feature and I don’t care, as much as I love planning and theory and conceptual bullshit in my opinion that is where my ideas die and i get stuck in the process.

people need to just do it and commit.

this blog will probably host writings on creative experiments and lunch time ramblings of a designer working in customer services, I think this is a good idea. I guess that this will end up being a log of my brain working out what I want to do with my life , you know it’s good to have this stuff written down.

*in the medieval sense

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