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painting on silk – sketchbook peek 17

I missed Sketchbook Sunday last week!

I went to visit some friends in London last weekend (hi guys!) funnily enough, they all said how  much they liked my sketchbook Sunday posts…. And then I go and miss Sketchbook Sunday!

So this week I’ve doodled every day I’ve been looking into digital printers for a new collection I want to create. Today I decided I was going to paint a design on to silk to see how it looked and draped.

The piece is around 45 x 100 cm


What do you think? Would you buy it?


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My Creative Design Process

I seem to have a routine  for #BEDM. I have a blog post idea and then getting distracted all day by other things.

Today’s topic for the #BEDM challenge was to blog your weekend morning routine. As fun as me describing what shampoo I’m currently using sounds I don’t want to give away the secret to my luscious locks…. I figured I would stick to the routines idea because it’s actually something I love reading about in a creative context.

Heres a little insight into my design process.

  • It starts with inspiration (its spring so I’m  inspired by flowers at the moment)
  • Next I turn to good old pinterest for research on current trends, colour palettes and customer research.
  • During the research phase I draw a lot and explore different mediums and attempt different styles of illustration.
  • I start bringing things together and forming composition ideas. I used to do a lot of photocopying during this stage, but now I do most of my composing  digitally.
  • At this stage I may have a few patterns already, but I carry on drawing anyway.
  • When I’ve got a collection that I’m happy with I create the same pattern in different colours. These are called colour ways.
  • Being happy with everything I’ve created. I then create visualisations, like the one below, to show people what my patterns would look like on real products.

Visalisation of my pattern


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Blog Every Day in May #BEDM

Today I’m starting a new challenge.

This has been a slightly rash decision, but I like challenges.

Along with around 100 others I’m going to attempt to blog every day in May as part of Elizabeth Sellers #BEDM challenge.
Don’t worry, you’ve still got a couple of hours to bash out a post and sign up over at Rosalilium! Even if you don’t want to sign up check out some of the great blog post ideas.  I’m probably going to deviate from the topics quite a lot but hopefully I’ll make it to the end of the month! It’s all in the planning, right?

Today’s prompt is to introduce your blog to the blogging community.

This blog  started out in  a narcissistic manner really! I wanted to share my patterns on a deeper level vom  with more context and to feel ok about exploring ideas around my work and surface design.

I got (slightly) more serious about blogging in December 2013 and since then I’ve been blogging weekly.

This narcissistic pursuit has turned into an inspiring place. Some of my “real life” friends have told me they are inspired to draw because of my weekly #SketchbookSunday posts, which is amazing to hear!

Hayley Holden Floral Sketches

Click the image to take a look at my in my Sketchbook

My blog is still young-ish and I’m developing new ideas for posts, this challenge should push my brain a bit. For the next 30 days I plan on sharing all kinds of interesting, insightful things, but I’ll need your help along the way.

What would you like to know? Any burning questions about Hayjayoh, Surface design, Creativity, The web, Tech? Leave a comment or ping me an email



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Sketchbook Peek 8

Happy Sunday!

This week I bought a new sketchbook after some feedback, which I may elaborate on in a future post. I decided to work bigger so I bought a giant A2 mixed media sketchbook.

Bigger is better!

I’ve used all kinds of different sketchbook sizes throughout my art life, this year I have managed to work my way down to a tiny  A5 book out of ease of use and accessibility I suppose.

In my sketchbook this week…

  • Some floral studies of some pretty flowers I found whilst walking
  • Some rabbits because I was feeling easter-y. (I really like the Mexican masked ones I may draw some more of those

At the minute I’m collating inspiration for a new project. My top priority is creating something to enter in the Halton open art exhibition the deadline is the 23rd so I’ve got about a week to either repurpose something or create a new piece I’m not sure what to enter yet, leave me some suggestions if you like?!

Sketchbook- Easter Rabbits

Easter Rabbit sketches

Sketchbook- Muscari drawings

Muscari drawings

Sketchbook- Muscari drawings

Muscari study

Share your sketchbook with me using #SketchbookSunday

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Sketchbook Peek 4

#SketchbookSunday time again! I’ve been experimenting with inks this week and drawing some pretty orange flowers that I picked up. This week I’ve included some of the patterns I’ve created from some of my recent drawings.

Share your Sketchbooks with me on twitter @HayJayOh tag #SketchbookSunday




wax on ink


wax on ink


wax on ink

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Surface Patttern Design Guide Feature

Exciting news! A magazine feature!

I’m really excited to share this news with you all!  I’m featured in Uppercase Magazine’s Surface Design Guide along with 99 other awesome pattern enthusiasts in Issue #21 out in April!

Uppercase is a creative, independent Magazine stocked all over the world, you can even pick up a copy from The Tate.

The ultimate cherry on the top though, is that this guide is only going to be distributed at Surtex! The Surtex show in NYC OMG! This is a  huge step in the right direction for me and Hay Jay Oh for awareness of my designs and opportunities


One of my prints had a quick début in  the preview video for the guide, which is a fun little video with Uppercase’s top tips on “How to stand out in Surface Design.” My purple textured print is on your screen at 4:32 in the “Don’t be afraid” section

Of course a massive Thank you to Janine Vangool for including me in the feature. I love how Upppercase engage with the creative community and that the magazine is mostly made possible by its readers.

So Lovely readers, I have a special discount code for you which is good for $15 off the subscription price. Just use ‘USPDG2014’ at the checkout.

Subscribe to Uppercase

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sketchbook peek 3

I’ve developed print designs this week and I’m still trying to think of a cute way to show same-y development pieces into Sketchbook Peek (watch this space)

So print development  means it’s been a pretty digital week creatively, but Sketchbook Peek has spurred me to keep up the  drawing habit. I’m still working on a floral theme so there’s some of that  below and a quick train observation sketch page

I had some exciting news this week that I’ll be revealing soon so keep an eye out across my social networks!

Anyway, I know Daire over at Open Way Designs is joining in with #SketchbookSunday today. I’d love to see your sketchbooks, tweet your images to @Hayjayoh so I can see them and remember to tag #SketchbookSunday


Quick floral biro drawings


Watercolour pastels on ink


Watercolour pastels on ink


Biro train observations

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Design Heroes: Collier Campbell

Founded in the sixties by the late Susan Collier and her sister Sarah Campbell. Collier Campbell created iconic prints for Liberty’s and many others. The brand lives producing products using  prints from their archive.

Collier Campbell

Collier Campbell

2012 marked Collier Campbell’s  50th year anniversary, in celebration a retrospective of their work was published in what looks like a tomb of a design book! The Collier Campbell Archive: 50 Years of Passion in Pattern (Collier Campbell Collection) **

Collier Campbell are old school, their designs are all hand painted and I assume repeated by hand. I’ve got so much appreciation for the old textile print design techniques, I think I would be very unhappy  if CAD wasn’t around. Take a look at this lovely video of the surviving half of the Collier Campbell duo, Sarah Campbell, reminiscing about  the Collier Campbell journey.

Weirdly whilst scrolling through twitter yesterday I discovered that  Sarah Campbell, has a display on at The Fashion and Textile Museum, London. Great timing as I’m off on a rare London Jaunt tomorrow!


At the moment I’m taking The Sellable Sketch E-course over at Pattern observer,  apparently I can’t get enough of E-course’s and communities.

One of the exercises during the first week of  Sellable Sketch was to copy your fave designer’s style. Obviously this was just for technique experimentation and to develop your own style, discovering what you like through the process.

Inspired by Collier Campbell brush strokes for the exercise I  attempted to recreate a couple of their signature prints. I realised half way through that I dislike waiting for paint to dry! I can’t promise such a treat every time I write about designers, but  in a Blue Peter style “Here’s one I did earlier!”

Hayley Holden inspired by Collier Campbell

Inspired by Collier Campbell’s hand painted designs

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An Arts Participation Volunteer’s Diary

I volunteer at one of the most historic galleries in Liverpool, The Bluecoat. It is an early 18th century building that has a long history of housing artists and enabling creativity. I volunteer with the participation team, mainly with The Blue Room Project a service that helps adults with learning disabilities respond to current exhibitions & events at The Bluecoat. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed me putting a lot of Bluecoat related stuff out there into the internet recently and quite possibly looking like I never leave the place. But that’s not just because it’s a great organisation which you should totally visit, there’s been loads of things going on. I thought I would give you a bit of context and maybe encourage you to get involved and volunteer with a local charity

Thursday 30th: Blue Room Thursday is my day with the Blue Room group, we were making props for a Stig of the Dump Read-a-thon event being held at The Bluecoat. I lead Team Camp Fire! I got our small team into the garden and we collected branches for our faux fire hayjayoh-team-camp-fire

Friday 31st: Art Valley Celebration On Friday I helped with finishing touches of The Art Valley exhibition which involved running about, moving stuff and taping wires down. I also got to run a craft table were we created sand paintings of flowers and leaves inspired by the current exhibition, Soft Estates. We had a lot of keen children who wanted to play with the sand, I’ve no idea how this happened but I’m still finding sand in my hair and bed?! Hayjayoh- Art Valley Celebration

Saturday 1st: Stig of the Dump Read-a-thon Being an all round good egg I offered to help set up the props for The Stig of The Dump Read-a-thon. My friend Anna had organized the event so I stayed to help manage  the readers and to persuade people to read. I was in my element, the set looked awesome, we were busy and I was mega sad when we  had to take the set down but we got to leave some home-made cabbage printed bunting and milk jug flower planters up in The Hub! hayjayoh-stig-of-the-dump-readathon

Monday 3rd: The Blue Room Exhibition Install I spent the day running about, framing works and making things straight. It took me back to hanging my final major project at uni, Good times. hayjayoh-blue-room-exhibiton-install

Thursday 6th: Blue Room & Exhibition Launch I had a lovely day with The Blue Room supporting members to create animal sculptures for an animation we’ll be making soon. I worked one-on-one with two of the members at various part of the day to create a textile art movable robin and a wire & newspaper chicken that kept falling over. It was also the launch of the groups exhibition, the group had invited their parents, support workers and friends to come along to see their work. We headed over to The Bistro for cake & tea and to peruse the exhibition which everyone loved. hayjayoh-blue-room-exhibition

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