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Art Tins for Old Town Bloom – Sketchbook peek 19

This morning I hastily did some  pizza base printmaking for a workshop with some children at The Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight.

We created tins inspired by the Chinese collection in the gallery for Hazlehurst’s  current  community project, Old Town Bloom, Have a read about it.

Old town bloom - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at


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Surface Design Guide Favourites

About a month or so ago I found out that I got featured in the 2014 Uppercase Surface Pattern Design Guide. I wrote an entire post about it, which has a sneaky little discount code for Uppercase Subscriptions so click on through!

Anyway the issue has hit shelves worldwide (I picked mine up from Tate Liverpool). I’m so happy with the patterns that Uppercase picked from my 8 submissions, they showcase my style perfectly.


Patterns Featured in Uppercsae #21 – Click through to visit my portfolio

In the Surface Pattern Design Guide there are 100 designers featured, of course surface design being a niche industry, there are a lot of names I recognised. I’m already guilty of drooling over their portfolios.

I came across a  few  new-to-me designers so I thought I’d put together a  little roundup of  some of my favorites from the guide. Click the images to see each designer’s portfolio.


Dinara Mirtalipova

Agnes Schugardt

Agnes Schugardt


Iza Pearl


Macrina Busato

Fabric Drawer

Fabric Drawer


Ellie Fidler

If you want more surface deign inspiration goodness you can check out my roundup of the Tropical Bloghop from January 2014. Oh, and I also made a pinterest board of  the designers featured in the issue, cause I’m nice like that. Check it out and have a look at some more tasty patterns!

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I’m sure if you’ve been floating about the creative hotspots of the internet lately, you’ll have come across Gelliprinting. Gelliprinting is basically monoprinting using a “plate” made of Gelatine instead of a traditional glass or metal plate. I’m always looking for fun print things I can do at home without a press so I decided to have a bash at it


I picked up some Gelatine really cheaply  at the supermarket and followed this recipe. I’d read that you should add 2 heaped tablespoons for every cup  of water I was slightly short but it still worked. Eessentially, I had a tray of water with no clue what to do next! After a  quick google I put it in the fridge for around an hour.

It’s so exciting seeing it become solid (oooh science), I watched this video and attempted to get my plate out of the tray. Let me tell you, watching a tutorial does not a master make! This part is so difficult for a newbie, this is what my plate looked like after I’d hacked it out of the tray. Terrible! Perhaps I didn’t leave it long enough to harden?

I managed to salvage some small pieces and had a play around with different techniques, I drew on the plate, masked bits off and coated the plate. Again Linda Germain’s blog is a massive resource full of tutorials and other goodies.



I did a load of textural prints and a few leaf drawings. I’ll probably have another go at Gelliprinting it’d be awesome to actually work on a full-sized plate.


Have you tried Gelliprinting? Let me know in the comments

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