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Colour Inspiration – Sketchbook peek 18

This week I‘ve been focusing on colour for a new scarf collection. Take a look at my inspiration and a few watercolour experiments

Colour inspiration - Hayley_Holden_sketchbook Colour inspiration - Hayley_Holden_sketchbook


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painting on silk – sketchbook peek 17

I missed Sketchbook Sunday last week!

I went to visit some friends in London last weekend (hi guys!) funnily enough, they all said how  much they liked my sketchbook Sunday posts…. And then I go and miss Sketchbook Sunday!

So this week I’ve doodled every day I’ve been looking into digital printers for a new collection I want to create. Today I decided I was going to paint a design on to silk to see how it looked and draped.

The piece is around 45 x 100 cm


What do you think? Would you buy it?


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Expressive Geometric – Sketchbook Peek 15

There’s lots of research a foot in The Hay Jay OH studio so my Drawing has slowed down a lot over the past couple of weeks.

I’m attempting to manage research and creating. Do you have any tips?

On Friday I split my day between idea gathering and business research in the morning and painting in the afternoon, which actually worked pretty well. I  just put on The Lion King Musical soundtrack on repeat  and created.

Hakuna Matata

Expressive Geometric - Hayley Holden weekly sketchbook series at

Have you been doing arty things? Share them with #SketchbookSunday



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My Creative Design Process

I seem to have a routine  for #BEDM. I have a blog post idea and then getting distracted all day by other things.

Today’s topic for the #BEDM challenge was to blog your weekend morning routine. As fun as me describing what shampoo I’m currently using sounds I don’t want to give away the secret to my luscious locks…. I figured I would stick to the routines idea because it’s actually something I love reading about in a creative context.

Heres a little insight into my design process.

  • It starts with inspiration (its spring so I’m  inspired by flowers at the moment)
  • Next I turn to good old pinterest for research on current trends, colour palettes and customer research.
  • During the research phase I draw a lot and explore different mediums and attempt different styles of illustration.
  • I start bringing things together and forming composition ideas. I used to do a lot of photocopying during this stage, but now I do most of my composing  digitally.
  • At this stage I may have a few patterns already, but I carry on drawing anyway.
  • When I’ve got a collection that I’m happy with I create the same pattern in different colours. These are called colour ways.
  • Being happy with everything I’ve created. I then create visualisations, like the one below, to show people what my patterns would look like on real products.

Visalisation of my pattern


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Surface Patttern Design Guide Feature

Exciting news! A magazine feature!

I’m really excited to share this news with you all!  I’m featured in Uppercase Magazine’s Surface Design Guide along with 99 other awesome pattern enthusiasts in Issue #21 out in April!

Uppercase is a creative, independent Magazine stocked all over the world, you can even pick up a copy from The Tate.

The ultimate cherry on the top though, is that this guide is only going to be distributed at Surtex! The Surtex show in NYC OMG! This is a  huge step in the right direction for me and Hay Jay Oh for awareness of my designs and opportunities


One of my prints had a quick début in  the preview video for the guide, which is a fun little video with Uppercase’s top tips on “How to stand out in Surface Design.” My purple textured print is on your screen at 4:32 in the “Don’t be afraid” section

Of course a massive Thank you to Janine Vangool for including me in the feature. I love how Upppercase engage with the creative community and that the magazine is mostly made possible by its readers.

So Lovely readers, I have a special discount code for you which is good for $15 off the subscription price. Just use ‘USPDG2014’ at the checkout.

Subscribe to Uppercase

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Sketchbook Peek 2

Can you believe it’s March already!

Sharing my sketches again today, I bought a bouquet of flowers to draw from  instead of  just drawing from photographs. I really want to create some patterns from these drawings so watch this space!

Share your Sketchbook with me on twitter @Hayjayoh #SketchbookSunday
Click images to enlarge.

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Book Illustration: Dracula

I finished reading Dracula in January  but don’t worry, I’m not going to attempt to write a review. Instead, I stuck to my strengths and created an illustration.

A fact that I find completely mental is that Dracula is  a one hit wonder the author, Bram Stoker, didn’t have much success with anything previously but old Vlad has become such an iconic figure! Probably says something Jungian about our collective unconscious?

I know you guys like  behind the scenes shots. Heres a page out of my sketchbook I actually really enjoy the composition of this page. I post stuff like this all the time on Instagram feel free to follow me :)

Hayley- Holden- Dracula-Hayjayoh

Hayley Holden – Dracula in progress

Not to spoil the book, but there is one scene in particular that was very vivid to me. Lucy is put to bed with a garland of wild garlic flowers around her to protect her from the vampire, inspired by this I put together this little illustration

Hayley- Holden- Dracula-Hayjayoh

Dracula by Hayley Holden

Have you read Dracula? I would love to hear your insights on the story, especially about Mina, a strong female character in the social context of the time?

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Sketchbook Peek

Quick post today, I thought I’d give you guys some more behind the scenes imagery. I’ve had a busy week,  I started a new job and went on a belated birthday trip to London to see Pixar in concert, which was amazing might I add!

Here are some drawings from this week, there’s a few nudey drawings in the mix because my friend Amy and I decided to go to a life drawing session on Wednesday

I’ve thought about this post all week and I think the pressure of wanting to write this post has spurred me to  actually drawn more which is obviously great so perhaps this will become a regular feature?

Do blog ideas & posts make you more productive? What do you guys think?


Bleach & Ink experiments


life drawing sketches


Quick sketches


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Print & Pattern Guide: Artwork

I’ve put together a print & pattern walk-through mini -series so you can see how I start making a pattern, I’ll show you how I put things into repeat in the next part! If you love this print you can get it on phone cases, cushions, mugs, tote bags and other stuff through my Society6 shop


From A to B

Inspiration & concept

I was inspired by a butterfly print I ‘d done as part of my Keka range, which has also been my home screen wallpaper for ages. I really like the concept of using butterfly wings and wanted to play around with it some more.

Originally the design had been sparked from randomly deciding to buy and photograph a bunch of butterfly wings and then putting them into a simple repeat. I wanted to develop the photo collage element from these prints and add a bit more sass, texture and photo manipulation.


First experiment with butterfly wings and one of my Keka phone cases

Getting Started

I started with my favourite mono print from last month’s print workshop. Did you miss that post? Get the lowdown here. I got a load of butterfly wings and started moving them about the page to form some ideas.


Doing it the traditional way first

Scanning made the wings look really weird and grainy so I took some hi-res macro photographs of the collection and started digitally placing and collaging them around my Photoshop canvas on top of the monoprint, which I’d scanned. The next thing I do when I’m creating a pattern is mess about with effects, scales and all sorts of other things I usually ended up with five to ten slightly different images to choose from. It probably took me about 3/4hours to get to my final image, a lot longer than this blog post makes it sound!


A few developmental patterns

Sometimes I want to be able to whack out an artwork in an hour, but I’m experimental and I often create ten or so different versions before I even put an artwork into repeat.

Maybe I will do a screencast creating a repeat to show you guys my process? Would that be something you’d be interested in? Let me know in the comments.

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It’s really good to get out of digital and be messy – Mono Printing workshop

I am a surface designer. I create hand drawn sketches and textures put them into Photoshop  and digitally manipulate them. Somewhere along the line I fell in love with Photoshop and Illustrator

This is my way of working and it works, but at Art School I was much more experimental with image making.  I’d paint with cardboard, manipulate paper and draw straight on to fabric just for the hell of it.

Take a look at my tumblr where I’ve been uploading  my work and process shots since 2010 

hayley-holden- wallpaper painting process- hayjayoh/com Playful painting at Winchester School of Art

Now I’ve graduated I miss having the insane facilities that I had at uni. I feel a lot less experimental and a bit too digital these days. Too be less reliant on the same old mediums and techniques I’ve been going to a monthly print class where we explore different print making processes. The first session was Lino Printing and this months was Mono Printing, You can see my experiments from the Lino workshop here.


The classes run at my local artists studio space Hazlehurst Craft Studio. I became an associate member in December so I get to go and play around in the communal studio space whenever I like. Check them out if you’re local to the North West, they run loads of fun workshops.

hayley-holden-butterfly-mono-print-workshop-hayjayoh.comSome of my prints from the Mono Printing lesson.

I forgot to take pictures of the process, bad blogger!  But basically  Mono Printing is experimenting with a load of paint on a “plate”(a flat surface, perspex/metal)  and then running it through a printing press with some paper on top. You can do all sorts of things and there’s always moments where your mind is a bit boggled about what will work and how to create what you’re trying to create.

The two print days that I’ve been at where filled with people with  print experience so the style of the workshops has reflected that which has been great. The workshops are taught by Cathy Rounthwaite who encourages as much experimentation as much as possible.

 hayley-holden- mono print workshop - hayjayoh.comFave Mono Prints for development

I find my best  and most interesting work  always happens when  I mix up hand rendered and digital stuff. In coming weeks I’ll be showing you how I use these hand done pieces to create  tile-able digital prints and repeats for Fashion, Homewares and Interiors.

The motto of the story is  that it’s really good to get out of digital and be messy! What are your thoughts?  Do you feel experimental? Do you feel restricted if you just stick to one medium?


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On “just doing it” & creating a sidebar widget for Society6

This week I’ve flitted around the internet, looking at amazing surface design blogs and thinking about my own surface design brand “HayJayOh”

Whilst being inspired (and slightly depressed) at the empires that other designers have created I realised that I’m not really putting my current work out there.

So I decided on Sunday in much haste, to grab the Bull by the horns and just upload a design to Society6. I know it’s not gunna make me a millionaire but it’s a step in the right direction and it’s fun to have your prints visualised for you.

Not really thinking about it I uploaded a tribal print from my archive and I figured it could be a test run and you know I would upload some other “better” designs when I got round to creating them. But a few people started “promoting” (liking) the design It hit me that this was exactly the kind of attitude that I should be avoiding and most of all why aren’t I taking advantage of the archive of prints which I’ve created over the last 4 years? Even selling one product is better than none at all

Whats the worst that could happen right?! this harks back to a time almost a year ago when I started really thinking and writing about just doing things instead of over-thinking them. you can read this post here


After sharing the link and pinning my new products I found the code for a widget, yippee another widget!

Alas it did not work for JavaScript is a forbidden language here on free WordPress. After searching high and low on the internet I haven’t found a solution or a single HTML widget. I kind of wanted something that was like the Instagram widget so if anyone knows of any give me a comment?!

In the mean time I’ve come up with a fun little .gif  of  products and a tasty little “shop hayjayoh” image.  Oh I also made one for my Keka range!

let me know what you think, check them out and maybe buy my stuff :)

shop-hayjayoh-keka-hayley-holden shop-hayjayoh-society6-hayley-holden

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