¡Hola! my name is Hayley Holden

But sometimes I spell it “Haylee” (because it looked cooler that way when I was 14)

I am a freelance surface textile designer working under the name HayJayOH! I decided to create this blog to showcase the work that I’m doing and the things that are inspiring me


Facts about me.
  • I am a huge harry potter nerd and love all things spiritual and supernatural, big influence on my drawings
  • I haven’t worn trousers for  over 5 years, I’m a dresses and tights kinda girl
  • I love movies but I probably couldn’t tell you my favourite. If you really wanted to you could check out my list of recently watched stuff on springpad.
  • I spend a bit too much time on the internet
  • my days are spent learning, volunteering, temping and working on creative commissions and projects.
  • Currently I am volunteering with The Blue Room. A programme which works with adults with learning disabilities  respond to exhibitions as the Bluecoat in Liverpool.
Be my BFF and take a look at what I’m up to around the web
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Any thoughts?

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