Sketchbook Peek 8

Happy Sunday!

This week I bought a new sketchbook after some feedback, which I may elaborate on in a future post. I decided to work bigger so I bought a giant A2 mixed media sketchbook.

Bigger is better!

I’ve used all kinds of different sketchbook sizes throughout my art life, this year I have managed to work my way down to a tiny  A5 book out of ease of use and accessibility I suppose.

In my sketchbook this week…

  • Some floral studies of some pretty flowers I found whilst walking
  • Some rabbits because I was feeling easter-y. (I really like the Mexican masked ones I may draw some more of those

At the minute I’m collating inspiration for a new project. My top priority is creating something to enter in the Halton open art exhibition the deadline is the 23rd so I’ve got about a week to either repurpose something or create a new piece I’m not sure what to enter yet, leave me some suggestions if you like?!

Sketchbook- Easter Rabbits

Easter Rabbit sketches

Sketchbook- Muscari drawings

Muscari drawings

Sketchbook- Muscari drawings

Muscari study

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Any thoughts?

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