I’m sure if you’ve been floating about the creative hotspots of the internet lately, you’ll have come across Gelliprinting. Gelliprinting is basically monoprinting using a “plate” made of Gelatine instead of a traditional glass or metal plate. I’m always looking for fun print things I can do at home without a press so I decided to have a bash at it


I picked up some Gelatine really cheaply  at the supermarket and followed this recipe. I’d read that you should add 2 heaped tablespoons for every cup  of water I was slightly short but it still worked. Eessentially, I had a tray of water with no clue what to do next! After a  quick google I put it in the fridge for around an hour.

It’s so exciting seeing it become solid (oooh science), I watched this video and attempted to get my plate out of the tray. Let me tell you, watching a tutorial does not a master make! This part is so difficult for a newbie, this is what my plate looked like after I’d hacked it out of the tray. Terrible! Perhaps I didn’t leave it long enough to harden?

I managed to salvage some small pieces and had a play around with different techniques, I drew on the plate, masked bits off and coated the plate. Again Linda Germain’s blog is a massive resource full of tutorials and other goodies.



I did a load of textural prints and a few leaf drawings. I’ll probably have another go at Gelliprinting it’d be awesome to actually work on a full-sized plate.


Have you tried Gelliprinting? Let me know in the comments

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