Book Illustration: Dracula

I finished reading Dracula in January  but don’t worry, I’m not going to attempt to write a review. Instead, I stuck to my strengths and created an illustration.

A fact that I find completely mental is that Dracula is  a one hit wonder the author, Bram Stoker, didn’t have much success with anything previously but old Vlad has become such an iconic figure! Probably says something Jungian about our collective unconscious?

I know you guys like  behind the scenes shots. Heres a page out of my sketchbook I actually really enjoy the composition of this page. I post stuff like this all the time on Instagram feel free to follow me :)

Hayley- Holden- Dracula-Hayjayoh

Hayley Holden – Dracula in progress

Not to spoil the book, but there is one scene in particular that was very vivid to me. Lucy is put to bed with a garland of wild garlic flowers around her to protect her from the vampire, inspired by this I put together this little illustration

Hayley- Holden- Dracula-Hayjayoh

Dracula by Hayley Holden

Have you read Dracula? I would love to hear your insights on the story, especially about Mina, a strong female character in the social context of the time?

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  1. Daire

    LOVING the wild garlic, it looks great! Thought I’d already followed you instagram, but apparently not!

    I read Dracula last year for one of my modules, and I both loved it and hated it in equal measures. Did you watch the recent dramatisation? They completely change the story, but it is still utterly fabulous!


    • Hayley H

      oh just seen this comment Daire, thanks for the IG follow!
      I really liked the format of the book, I think Mina is a really interesting character as is her story arc. I saw the trailer, I may give it a chain watch if I’m felling particularly Gothic one weekend


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