Sketchbook Peek

Quick post today, I thought I’d give you guys some more behind the scenes imagery. I’ve had a busy week,  I started a new job and went on a belated birthday trip to London to see Pixar in concert, which was amazing might I add!

Here are some drawings from this week, there’s a few nudey drawings in the mix because my friend Amy and I decided to go to a life drawing session on Wednesday

I’ve thought about this post all week and I think the pressure of wanting to write this post has spurred me to  actually drawn more which is obviously great so perhaps this will become a regular feature?

Do blog ideas & posts make you more productive? What do you guys think?


Bleach & Ink experiments


life drawing sketches


Quick sketches


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  1. Daire

    I think it should definitely become a regular feature!
    I’m not sure if having a blog makes me more productive but it definitely makes me try out new techniques :)


Any thoughts?

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