It’s really good to get out of digital and be messy – Mono Printing workshop

I am a surface designer. I create hand drawn sketches and textures put them into Photoshop  and digitally manipulate them. Somewhere along the line I fell in love with Photoshop and Illustrator

This is my way of working and it works, but at Art School I was much more experimental with image making.  I’d paint with cardboard, manipulate paper and draw straight on to fabric just for the hell of it.

Take a look at my tumblr where I’ve been uploading  my work and process shots since 2010 

hayley-holden- wallpaper painting process- hayjayoh/com Playful painting at Winchester School of Art

Now I’ve graduated I miss having the insane facilities that I had at uni. I feel a lot less experimental and a bit too digital these days. Too be less reliant on the same old mediums and techniques I’ve been going to a monthly print class where we explore different print making processes. The first session was Lino Printing and this months was Mono Printing, You can see my experiments from the Lino workshop here.


The classes run at my local artists studio space Hazlehurst Craft Studio. I became an associate member in December so I get to go and play around in the communal studio space whenever I like. Check them out if you’re local to the North West, they run loads of fun workshops.

hayley-holden-butterfly-mono-print-workshop-hayjayoh.comSome of my prints from the Mono Printing lesson.

I forgot to take pictures of the process, bad blogger!  But basically  Mono Printing is experimenting with a load of paint on a “plate”(a flat surface, perspex/metal)  and then running it through a printing press with some paper on top. You can do all sorts of things and there’s always moments where your mind is a bit boggled about what will work and how to create what you’re trying to create.

The two print days that I’ve been at where filled with people with  print experience so the style of the workshops has reflected that which has been great. The workshops are taught by Cathy Rounthwaite who encourages as much experimentation as much as possible.

 hayley-holden- mono print workshop - hayjayoh.comFave Mono Prints for development

I find my best  and most interesting work  always happens when  I mix up hand rendered and digital stuff. In coming weeks I’ll be showing you how I use these hand done pieces to create  tile-able digital prints and repeats for Fashion, Homewares and Interiors.

The motto of the story is  that it’s really good to get out of digital and be messy! What are your thoughts?  Do you feel experimental? Do you feel restricted if you just stick to one medium?


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