My fave free apps & web services for creatives


I love reading about people’s workflow especially other creatives. So I made a list of obscure(ish) apps and services that I use for my freelance surface pattern design gigs as well as for blogging!

1. Simplenote

Everything I write is  initially in Simplenote. Blog posts, lists, E-course assignments! I then either delete them or  send them to Evernote. I defiantly prefer Simplenote over Evernote its  great light application with insanely quick syncing features!

2. Static

An app that lets you keep track of your followers and web stats at a glance, would be great if they included G+ though

3. People per hour

I like this service although there isn’t too many surface design gigs on here, If anyone knows of any other similar UK sites Id be very keen to hear

4. Buffer

Perfect and fairly well-known. I only realised its brilliance in December and now the masses of tweets I used to send out in bulk while reading articles at 3am are now evenly space out throughout the day to an actual awake audience.

5. Tweriod

Analyses your twitter feed to work out the best times for you to tweet, use with buffer

6. Lift

Something i keep coming back to, It’s an app which helps you achieve your goals. Lift has had some core changes this year but I still love the concept and have a growing list of actions to check off each day.

7. Redlaser

godsend! who buys things in shops when you can instantly find it cheaper online?

8. Springpad

I use spring pad to keep track of movies and shows I’ve watched, books I’ve read, recipes and I even have an IFTTT recipe set up to send faved pocket articles to a “library” within Springpad.

9. Pocket

Crucial in my everyday life. I  read pretty much everything in pocket it’s probably my favourite service and I have dozens of IFTTT recipes set up which let me follow whatever I want.


I’ve mentioned this a few times  in this post but this will change how  you use the internet forever! if you haven’t heard of  IFTTT yet, go check it out

So there you have it! I’d love to hear  about your fave services, let me know about them in the comments!



  1. Vanessa Anne Blaylock

    This is awesome Hayley! If I can think up more apps than WordPress & Photoshop, I’ll have to write my own version! I also really like your WorkFlow idea. As you say, it’s fun to get that peek at other’s process.


    • hayjayoh

      I love seeing how people work, I’m such a productivity/ life hacking nerd. There’s a really interesting series on lifehacker called how we work which is a more in depth look at majorly awesome peoples workflows you should check it out!


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