art therapy class update

I’m just coming back from art therapy class on the train. I have had three classes since the last post and they have been quite loaded with personal revelations that you know I’d rather not shout about on the internet, nothing to dark mind just your general angst. So for your entertainment and perhaps mildly some knowledge I will share my notes and imagery

Materials session

we explored the differences between mediums and how we felt using different tools. we started out being restricted to black and white only then we moved on to using paint in different ways. First with a dry brush, secondly with wet paper and lastly only using our hands. we then moved on to using modelling materials, I enjoyed manipulating these materials but I didn’t make anything literal


Self box

 the self box task has been our class homework  for the last 4 weeks. We had to choose a box and illustrate how we believe we the world perceives us. Inside the box, you guessed it we had to project our feelings.  It was  a challenging task but an interesting one because it felt like an activity that  would actually be used with a client. I wont bore you with my specific interpretation so here’s a snapshot, make of it what you will.


Group work
We also did a lot of group work in the self box session. We had to work with a classmate on the same sheet of paper and I basically  had to act like a douchebag, drawing over my partners work and essentially not respecting what she had created then it was time to switch. I found  being a douchebag quite difficult but also a little bit fun at the same time. I gradually got braver with what I was doing to the image  I finally ended my time by painting a  blue squiggle down the middle of my partners work.



Today’s class we discussed directive and non directive tasks and  what kind of clients each would work best. I found the directive tasks less appealing I guess I felt a sense of freedom with the non directive task like I couldn’t do it wrong and I could just let the image making take over!


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