30 day celebration!

I’ve hit the first milestone in my 365sketch challenge I am quite excited about this I’ve never gotten very far with a 365 challenge. So far I’ve kept this challenge separate from my main online presence as it is more of a learning and practice experience. I have been updating a devoted blog which by default has been feed into my Masterblog (the point of my Masterblog after all)


What do you think?
Do you prefer keeping projects separate or uploading everything you do into one blog?
As you might have noticed it is something I ponder about a lot.

At the beginning of this challenge I wanted to practice drawing realistic faces. I have found I am still drawing in the same style as I was before but I am more comfortable with drawing faces now even though my drawings aren’t as life like or as pretty as I would like them to be.


Initially I thought about drawing faces for the whole of the 365challenge but now I am thinking about changing my subject after 30 days to keep the challenge fresh?

I guess it is about weighing up how much my drawing would develop just drawing one subject for 365 days and how much it would develop drawing a range of things? I don’t think my faces have developed that much over the past 30 days so I am going to carry with them for the next 30 days or until I am happy.  Decisions, decisions!

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Any thoughts?

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