lino printing workshop bonanza.

This weekend I did a thing.
I engaged with textiles and the creative community in my small hometown.
Creative communities exist everywhere, who knew!

My degree and training is officially textiles but I am most comfortable using digital mediums I think this is because it is so easy to hit CMD+Z. I wish that existed in real life, le sigh. Also it is just so darn inconvenient and expensive to get fabric digitally printed to manipulate and work with, double whammy! So I label myself as a “digital print and surface designer” and I’m starting to dabble with research and “art”. see my writings on Practice based research.

Anyway I want to experiment with traditional printing methods more. I do actually find it really fun when I am focused and I love learning new art skills. So I attended a lino print workshop at Hazlehurst Studios on Saturday and boy was it fun! I found myself in complete silence carving away at my little piece of blue soft lino. We never actually had a taught lino workshop at uni but I had dabbled in it rather unsuccessfully a couple of times so it was useful to have a guiding hand.

The studio was really pretty and decked out for a Halloween studio opening; they even have a rentable printing press and boast the only highstreet wet plate photography studio in the UK, impressive.

I’ll probably go to some more print workshops, they are running a monthly series. I had a really fun day and it was good to do something messy and hands on rather than drawing on screen. But I will most probably state true to my vices and manipulate the pieces I created in Photoshop.

Lino prints on cartridge paper and fabric, October 2013


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