A foray into a humans * art career

As I am looking for work in the art and design world while holding down a 9 to 5, volunteering and continuing to make pretty things, I thought it would be helpful to explore different career avenues and contexts within art.

I came across art therapy on my internet travels and thought it looked like a really super fun way to combine my altruistic tendencies, infatuation with the brain and training in art and design.

After Googling and raiding local libraries I decided to commit to really deepen my knowledge on a possible career move. I enrolled on to an art therapy foundation course to see if it is for me.

I jumped the train to Manchester last week and had my first class. It was an all-round good induction lesson to the topic. We started with a visual introduction exercise to illustrate your own name. It was interesting to see how everyone interpreted the exercise and themselves.

I ended up drawing harry potter, Winchester, the no trouser policy and art. People who know me probably wouldn’t be surprised by any of those elements but they are things I wouldn’t have brought up at all in a standard verbal intro ice breaker.

We learnt therapy terms such as a the widely used check in and check out as well as  discussing our hopes and fears for the course. Turns out a lot of my classmates are in the same thought process as me and are sounding out art therapy as a career

Anyway pictured is the image I produced. I will be posting weekly updates about my adventures into this world  as always I hope someone finds my rambling informative.


visual introduction exercise

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