Something I’ve been working on amongst the shadows of the internet

I’m currently enrolled in Practice Based Research in the Arts course over at Stanford Online. I found this weeks assignment to really interesting and thought provoking. Seeeing as this is a sort of studio blog I thought I would share my reaction.

I apologize if it gets too wordy!


(1) Write 300 words on your experience of Weaver’s guided exercise and post to your group. Discuss experiences across the group. 

I found Lois Weavers talk an interesting new way to generate project ideas. Since graduating last year I haven’t taken on a fully formed project. I have been working in a very loose style without much of a formal process, to create digital outcomes for design briefs. I realise that I want to be more connected, interested and involved with the work I am producing.

The exercise was completely different to the way I approach projects, I suspect this is because I was trained as a textile designer not an artist. Although creative expression was encouraged at my school ultimately my degree was geared toward market and commercial success.  Within my projects I have always tried to look and research deeper but I have never had a framework such as this for guidance. The exercise has made me think about how I initially begin a project I hope this structure becomes a catalyst for change in my working process.

I saw the video exercise as a limbering up session and I intend to do the exercise a few times a week to get to grips working in this format. Whilst participating in the guided exercise I found it difficult to come up with ideas that would work in a textiles context. For me it was especially difficult for the “doing” part of the exercise I also found it challenging to form questions relating to my current project. The framework seems an excellent way to truly deepen and expand a project as well as to think about textiles and my own work in a very different light.

Overall this exercise was incredibly useful because as I have stated I haven’t worked in this way before nor have I defined the terms and desired outcomes of the project I am going to be working on during this course.

 (2) Post 3-4 refined research questions to your group. 

  • How can I explore fantasy and reality using textiles medium?
  • How can I use textile design and art in a therapeutic way
  • What draws people to fantasy worlds? It can’t just be escapism can it?
  • What are some of the values that fantasy world’s hold?

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Any thoughts?

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