My thoughts on AHS Coven; Bitch craft.

I watched the premiere episode of season 3 of American Horror story this week it brought up some old ideas and themes I looked at during my design degree.


I have been very interested in the Connection I personally make between Witches and my childhood, mostly due to my love of Harry Potter.  popular culture  has the same fixation with the supernatural if you browse through TV channels today you’ll be met with an abundance of magical wonderment.


Just like in the 90’s when witches in particular where popular shows such as The worst witch (1998-2001), Sabrina the teenage witch (1996-2003) and Charmed (1998-2006)  graced our screens. It is apparent that this is a pattern that keeps appearing throughout history. But it goes back much further than my own childhood. Author of The other world states every age in human history has felt the lure of the occult” (Oppenheim, Pg 3) which explains why the  supernatural appears in pop culture so much.

this has apparently been going on forever! Rachleff tells us  in The occult in Art  that it was a sense of magic that inspired the earliest artistic expressions of prehistoric man”  (1990, Pg 3)

I am really excited to watch the next episode of American Horror story!

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Any thoughts?

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