Acer Chromebook aka girls like tech too.

As an avid mac fan I had no idea where to start when I figured a laptop would be the best option for dedicated TV watching. You see I frequent most of the time and almost never watch current British TV, what can I say I’m stuck in the past watching reruns of Daria and Wonderfalls.

After quite a bit of um-ing and ahh-ing the Chromebook looked interesting from what I read on the internet the earlier models don’t have an amazing reputation but I love an underdog and quite frankly I didn’t want to go back to windows because I’m an Apple fangirl.

So I did it I bought one, the cheapest Acer model mind. It is a cheap & a quality product, I mean a windows laptop for £200 would be terrible

chromebook hay jay oh

I fiddled around with the settings and have set up the touch-pad as close as I can to my Macbook Pro you know for continuity (Australian scrolling & tap to drag) I actually love that Google call macs backward scrolling AUSTRALIAN scrolling, genius!

My viewing experience thus far it streams perfectly however sound quality is nothing in comparison to my MBP this is easily remedied with a little AUX though. Picture quality is OK obviously it will depend on your source, but overall my setup worked pretty well for watching TV whilst doing “work” on my MBP.

I’m going to take it out for a spin to see how it copes sans internet as it is very lightweight and will fit in to my handbag perfectly, my main qualm with my MBP is how heavy the combined weight of it and the charger, puts me right off taking the mac anywhere!

Recent trip to London courtesy of London Midland Trains, the Chromebook held up very well I kept it in my tote bag for the entire trip along with 3 books, my bag was so light!? Perfect travel companion I’m betting one of my actual books weighed more than the Chromie. I had a few job applications to amend and proof, Google drive worked almost perfectly. I did have a small issue with the cursor going rouge this seemed to resolve itself after reopening though.

The only thing I was disappointed with was the Evernote note app, as it doesn’t work at all without a connection I would’ve thought it would work like the android version but I guess that Google is promoting Google drive as Dropbox doesn’t have offline capabilities either (unless I missed something?) There is complete access to everything stored in drive whilst offline

I managed to get online via tethering to my phone, which was spotty due to signal, but it was a pretty fast connection and I had no problem with WiFi hotspots around London, I mean why should I! The next thing I’m hoping is everything will sync nicely when I get home. (It did)

To finish off, all I wanted from the Chromie was a screen and some audio, the audio isn’t that impressive but I’ve gained so much more I have literally carted this bad boy around with me wherever I’ve been its so handy, lightweight and compact.

There was my 2 cents.

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  1. Furie

    I’ve been hassling Evernote to get their bums in gear making a Chrome OS app. At the moment, the application in the store is basically a glorified bookmark that leads to the web interface. That’s why it won’t work without a connection. I’m a writer and have been relying on the offline capabilities of the Chromebook for a while now, with Docs being particularly useful to me. I take notes on my phone using Evernote and the ability to access those notes on my chromebook when I get around to writing has been invaluable.

    Unfortunately Evernote have no plans for a true Chrome OS app at the moment. I’ve actually changed some of my workflow around that, moving quick notes to Google Keep that they will be available offline from all my devices and going online with Evernote to take screenshots of my ideas to work from offline before I start a session. I really should start using Drive for note taking on the phone, but the Evernote app there really is one of the better ones for Android.


    • hayjayoh

      thanks for your comment, I was really looking forward to having access to all of my notebooks whilst i was on the train maybe it is a play from Google to promote the use of Docs? I probably wouldn’t have used Docs if I had offline access. I agree that the Evernote android app is excellent. the voice notes are surprisingly accurate and really useful, the app generally is a lot nicer than the OSx App which always feels so cumbersome to use on my MBP. I’ve switched to lighter programmes like Workflowy and Notational Velocity.

      I was also using Keep on the chromebook, I really liked the design and layout but I had an old version of android which wasn’t compatible with the app and now I’ve gone over to Iphone5. I’ve been scouring blogs for excellent apps to improve my workflow to encourage myself to blog more.


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