The best way to see an exhibition.

felix at the bluecoat

Sunday was my first day volunteering at The Bluecoat in Liverpool spending 20 minutes in each gallery space, lets you fully absorb the exhibition and create a personal connection with the pieces. I did however spend my first hour inflating a 30ft Felix the cat and speaking with a photographer (probably really established and terribly intimidating) in the most intimate satanic space I’ve ever been in.

The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things – an exhibition curated by Mark Leckey runs till April so I imagine I will form various opinions on the collection as my brain occupies itself and makes patterns, here is a collection of my first impressions no doubt I will write some more in the upcoming weeks.

Felix the cat (2013) is almighty in stature and formidable, People wandered in unexpectedly their reactions ranged from laughter to bewilderment.

an elderly lady with a Zimmer frame, who probably had the most contextual reference and memories for Felix, burst into hysterical laughter and a toddler who was just in complete awe of Felix. Spending 40 minutes with Felix I also decided it’d be an awesome locale for a somewhat trippy Harlem Shake video (if anyone has seen one that is actually funny, send me a link)

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