My thoughts on an Impending design interview and why design students /graduates/me should grow some balls.

The rest of my life depends on this interview and I need to get it and be successful and then I’ll be amazing and everyone will love me and I’ll be cool and that loveable rogue prince Harry will fall in love with me

This is an internship I’m not going to get paid in fact it will cost me a hell of a lot of money to work for this bug company. Sure it will look awesome on my CV, but so will writing a blog (kind of) or getting freelance gigs (even if they are from Gumtree) or volunteering with a local charity.

Creative opportunities are not just down in the big smoke! I say lets base more creative ventures outside of London. Wherever you are just start doing stuff. This is easier said than done and I should take my own advice and create my own awesomeness.

Rant over. Long live the north

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  1. Artists & Acoustic Adventures!

    haha—very true. i’ve found it doesn’t pay to hang your hopes on one job/person/situation…life will throw you for a loop one way or another. you are so right about being a self-starter. i’ve found this to be so true in my pursuits to make a living as a singer/songwriter (good lord do we really need another one of those!). waiting for a record label to come along is a good way to get old (if record labels will even be in existence in another decade). so i’m doing my own stuff NOW. i actually just started a video blog as a way to showcase my material and discuss the interesting aspects of the music world as i see them. anyway, good luck with the interview, and keep up the good work!


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