“Totally Rubbish” is Totally amazing

“Totally Rubbish” is shown on CBBC and aimed at 6-12 year olds, I don’t know when it’s aired but who cares that’s what iplayer was invented for!

Totally Rubbish presenters

The premise is similar to other children’s art shows, taking old household products and creating arts and crafts. However this show has an emphasis on communicating the importance of recycling to the audience, achieved through the use of planetary facts in the show and with specific language used in the script.

Production on the show is well thought and doesn’t rely on the stiff format of its predecessors, carving the way for more interactive arts programming. The days of the brightly light studio are over, instead presenters take to the streets, schools and children’s homes without the hint of a patronising tone. Children assist the presenters to present projects themselves, the unscripted nature of children and presenters working together of course makes for charming viewing.

In my opinion The Involvement of contemporary artists on children’s arts shows is what has been missing from programming. Including contemporary artists on a mainstream platform like CBBC will help breakdown some of the perceived notions and barriers that art has acquired, this is a major development for the accessibility of art.

Totally Rubbish also features animated Segments of art history. The animations don’t feel juvenile or like an afterthought as seen in some children’s programming. The production values are of such high quality the animations could even warrant their own show.

This show is making waves for arts involvement and education its approach and format is fresh and youthful and the content is superb. The show is filled with inventive fun projects, likeable presenters, high quality production and sophisticated camerawork.
Totally Rubbish is totally awesome.

Hats off to everyone involved this 22 year old will be tuning in again!

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